Join us for our free online virtual education programs! The Inland Empire Utilities Agency presents a series of free, online educational resources through “Owlie’s Virtual Adventures.” This award-winning program features Wally’s Water Conservation Camp, Nepris programming, virtual field trips, our Water Scout Badge Program, a series of At-Home Activities from our popular Water Discovery Field Trip Program, how-to videos on YouTube, and more!

You can now book virtual field trips! Our virtual field trips follow a similar format to our popular Water Discovery Field Trip Program. Teachers can choose up to three activities that fit within their current curriculum needs while teaching the students about water resources, water-wise practices, and the environment. Are you interested in scheduling a virtual field trip with us? You can book your virtual field trip here! For more information contact Hazel Ceron at for more information.

The Water Discovery At-Home Activity guides incorporate hands-on educational activities for grades K-12. The activities will teach students about water resources, water- use efficiency methods and the environment. The activities can be done by following the instruction guides or by watching our fun, interactive YouTube videos.  You can view both here!

Earn a Fun Badge by completing our Water Scout Badge Program! The program will teach Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts about our water resources and the environment while taking them on a scavenger hunt through the Chino Creek Wetlands and Educational Park. You can view and download the program booklet here! 

Wally’s Water Conservation Camp is suited for kids of all ages. The camp booklet teaches kids and families about our water resources, sustainability and environmental stewardship. You can view and download the camp booklet here!

Do you have a child Kindergarten through 3rd grade? We have a fun workbook designed just for them! This workbook provides fun coloring pages, worksheets and other activities to learn about water and our environment. You can view and download the workbook here!