Press Kit

Welcome to Inland Empire Utilities Agency’s media room. Our External Affairs Department works with local and state news organizations to provide information about the Agency’s initiatives, projects, news and programs.

The External Affairs Department is responsible for responding to media inquiries, news releases, publications, special events, social media, facility tours as well as community and government affairs.

IEUA is committed to providing the media and members of the public with high-quality, transparent and up to date information.

For inquiries, please contact:

Kathy Besser
Executive Manager of External Affairs & Policy Development/Assistant General Manager
(909) 993-1638

Our Mission:

Inland Empire Utilities Agency is committed to meeting the needs of the region by providing essential services in a regionally planned and cost effective manner while safeguarding public health, promoting economic development, and protecting the environment.

Key areas of service:

  • Securing and supplying imported water.
  • Collecting and treating wastewater.
  • Producing high-quality renewable products such as recycled water, compost, and
  • energy.
  • Promoting sustainable use of groundwater and development of local water supplies.

Fact Sheet: Agency information, facts and regional plants

Press Releases:
For the most up to date press releases on IEUA’s initiatives, projects, news, and programs, visit our press release page.

Public Information Notices: 
For current and ongoing closures and zoning information, visit our public notice page.

Annual Report:
The Annual Report is a comprehensive report of IEUA’s activities throughout the fiscal year. Annual reports are intended to give stakeholders and other interested people information about the company’s activities and financial performance. Click here to view our Annual Reports.

The transparency page offers a comprehensive list of reports, board packages and minutes, salary matrix, organizational chart, E-Basin Newsletter updates, and information on requests for public records. IEUA is committed to providing the community, stakeholders, and member agencies publicly accessible, valuable information that assists members of the public in understanding IEUA’s services, operations, and finances. Visit our transparency webpage.

The FAQ’s page offers a comprehensive list of the most commonly asked questions and answers pertaining to recycled water, doing business with IEUA, and Human Resources. View the IEUA Frequently Asked Questions.

Calendar of upcoming events:
For the most up to date events, board meetings, and workshops, visit our calendar.

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