recycled water pipes

Water recycling is a critical component of the water resources management strategy for IEUA and the Chino Basin. The State of California has determined that the reuse of highly treated recycled water is the only new major source of water available to meet the Southern California’s growing water demand.

IEUA currently receives over 50 million gallons per day of wastewater from its regional treatment plants. This water is treated to Title 22 regulations set forth by the State Division of Drinking Water and distributed throughout the service area. IEUA delivers the recycled water to be used for agriculture, municipal irrigation, industrial uses, and for groundwater replenishment.

Major benefits of the recycled water program include:

  • New Water Supply – delivery of over 30,000 acre-feet per year (AFY) of this local supply
  • Enhances groundwater- improves the quality of the Chino Basin aquifer
  • Drought proof supply- recycled water supply is not directly impacted by drought and could help mitigate the impacts of regional or statewide water supply limitations
  • Reduce dependence of imported water supplies- increases local water supply reliability and decreases water imports from the Sacramento Bay Delta