Water Use Efficiency Programs

water use efficiency

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Free Sprinkler Nozzles:

The program was first developed by Riverside Public Utilities and Western Municipal Water District, in partnership with the Toro® Company, for City of Riverside residents. These agencies have generously offered to expand the program to include Inland Empire Utilities Agency and its retail water agencies, including Monte Vista Water District. Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is providing funding for the nozzles.

Water Saving Garden Friendly:

The Water Saving Garden Friendly program was created to assist consumers in locating and learning about climate-appropriate plants for the Inland Empire. The program provides educational opportunities and easily identifiable and obtainable sources of climate-appropriate plants. With the increasing uncertainty of our future water supplies, the public has become aware of the need to utilize climate-appropriate plants. Unfortunately, most people don’t know where to begin and that’s where we come in. Click here for more info.

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Residential Landscape Retrofit Program:

Regional Landscape Training Classes / Residential Workshops:

The landscape classes offered through Inland Empire Utilities Agency service areas are FREE of charge. The descriptions below provide a basic overview of the topics covered. Check with your local water agency for upcoming classes.

  • The Basics – Attendees will learn basic information about efficient irrigation systems, soils, design practices, fertilizers and water wise plants. This workshop will provide just enough information to leave attendees wanting more, which you can learn about in our other specialty class
  • Backyard Composting Workshop – Attendees will learn how to, and the benefits of, backyard composting and worm composting. In addition, this workshop will teach attendees about water wise gardening. Information on where to buy various style bins locally or how to make your own inexpensive bin will also be available.
  • Maintenance, Pruning & Integrated Pest Management – Attendees will learn how and when to prune and maintain various plants and trees. In addition, this workshop will teach attendees about environmentally safe and effective ways to avoid and reduce pest problems in the garden.
  • Irrigation, Soil & Fertilizers – Attendees will learn how to modify their irrigation system to operate more efficiently. This workshop will also teach attendees the basics on how to work with their particular soil, as well as how and when to fertilize.
  • Plants & Planting – Attendees will learn about a variety of attractive Native and California Friendly® plants and the proper way to plant them.
  • Preparation & Design – Attendees will learn how to remove their existing, high water use grass and/or plants and the steps to take to design and re-landscape the area with water wise plants.
  • Weather Based Irrigation Controller (WBIC) Workshop – Attend a free workshop to learn about weather based irrigation controllers (WBIC) and to see if you qualify to receive a free weather based irrigation controller.


For more information on Water Use Efficiency Programs contact Lisa Morgan-Perales at (909) 993-1520 or lperales@ieua.org.