Funding is limited and rebates will be issued on a first come, first served basis only.
For a qualifying product list, please visit

Turf Replacement Program
Rebate up to $2/sq. ft. of turf removed
Premium High Efficiency Toilets
Rebate up to $100
Premium High Efficiency Toilets & Urinals Zero Water and Ultra Low Water Urinals 
Rebate up to $400
Connectionless Food Steamers Connectionless Food Steamers
Rebate up to $485/compartment
Cooling Tower Conductivity Controllers & pH Controllers Cooling Tower Conductivity Controllers
Rebate up to $750
pH Controllers
Rebate up to $2,000
Dry Vacuum Pumps Dry Vacuum Pumps
Rebate up to $175/0.5HP
Air-Cooled Ice Machines Air-Cooled Ice Machines
Rebate up to $1,000
      Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers
Rebate up to $50/station
Rotating Nozzles for Pop-Up Sprays
Rebate up to $5/nozzle (minimum of 30)
Large Rotary Nozzles Large Rotary Nozzles
Rebate up to $18/set (8 set minimum—no maximum)
In-Stem Flow Regulators In-Stem Flow Regulators
Rebate up to $4/regulator (25 device minimum–no maximum)
Plumbing Flow Control Valve Plumbing Flow Control Valve
Rebate up to $10 per flow control valve
Soil Moisture Sensor Systems
Rebate up to $50 per irrigation controller station