Recycled Water Unauthorized Discharge Notification for Contracting Agencies

The Contracting Agency or Site Supervisor must contact IEUA for any unauthorized discharge, spills, or other release of recycled water over 50,000 gallons as soon as possible. Timely notification must be made to IEUA even if all the information is not available.

Within two hours of the discharge, notify IEUA by telephone at (909) 993-1600 and provide the information below. Within 24 hours of notification, complete the reporting form below and submit it to IEUA.

Provide the following information when you notify IEUA:

  • Date and time the unauthorized discharge began and ended
  • Location of the unauthorized discharge
  • If the unauthorized discharge entered a storm drain or receiving water
  • Estimated volume of the unauthorized discharge or flow rate
  • Estimated time of repair
  • Cause of the unauthorized discharge
  • Agencies involved with repair and clean-up
  • Corrective actions taken or plans for corrective actions

IEUA will notify the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board (Regional Board) if the unauthorized discharge is determined to be a reportable event. Additional information may be requested from the Contracting Agency if it is deemed necessary for IEUA to submit a written report to the Regional Board (i.e. discharge of more than 50,000 gallon of tertiary recycled water into waters of the State). The Contracting Agency will receive a copy of the written report for their records.