There are two types of permits for the Non-Reclaimable Wastewater System (NRWS):

  • Direct discharger – industries with direct connection to the Agency’s NRW system.
  • Indirect dischargers – industries without physical connection to the Agency’s NRW system and will haul the wastewater using permitted wastewater haulers.

Wastewater Discharge Permit Application Steps
Any Person/User who wants to discharge into the Agency’s NRW system as a direct discharger must first obtain wastewater discharge rights by acquiring Discharge Capacity Rights in the form of Capacity Units (CU) for the particular NRW system. The required CU shall be purchased upfront. An option to lease CU on an annual basis is available only for the NRWS. The Person/User is encouraged to read the Agency ordinances that govern the use of the NRW system and the Wastewater Disposal Rates. The Person/User must also obtain a Wastewater Discharge Permit which, if granted, usually has a five-year term for the NRWS and EWL and two-year term for IEBL. The Permit specifies the discharge requirements, monitoring and limits for pollutants.

To apply for the wastewater discharge permit, please contact a member of the Pretreatment and Source Control Team at (909) 993-1600. The process will include sending at a minimum, the following items for determination of industry category and applicable discharge requirements:

  1. Six (6) sets of plans, drawn to scale (minimum size 11 x 17) for your facility(ies):
    • facility layouts and spill containment systems for storage tanks and containers;
    • industrial & sanitary waste lines located within the facility and points of connections to the NRW System or domestic sewers;
    • schematic diagrams of wastewater treatment equipment and process, if any;
    • proposed plans for connection to the NRWS; and
    • proposed monitoring station with flow meter (and data logger where applicable) for the discharge (upstream of connection to the NRWS).
  2. A schematic diagram for the water mass balance with average flow rates for water usage and discharge for the facility.
  3. Descriptions of manufacturing processes, wastewater generation processes and wastewater treatment practices, if any.
  4. Lists of primary raw materials and end products.
  5. If possible, a wastewater characteristic report of wastewater from a similar facility that you affiliate with.
  6. Other items that are required by the Agency’s staff to properly determine industry’s category and discharge limits.

Please be aware that there are fees for capacity purchase, permit application process (which shall be determined by the Agency staff), and plan check for connection to the NRWS. Fees are listed in the Wastewater Disposal Rates section and subject to change in July of each year.

These fees need to be made payable to the Inland Empire Utilities Agency and submit to the below addresses:

Inland Empire Utilities Agency
6075 Kimball Avenue
Chino, CA 91708

Inland Empire Utilities Agency
P.O. Box 9020
Chino Hills, CA 91709