Public Notices

[Updated 5/1/23]

IEUA offices are open to the public Monday through Thursday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. As a result of the changing circumstances with the spread of COVID-19, some members of our staff may be working and handling requests remotely.

Board/Committee meetings are being held in-person. Members of the public may to attend the meetings in-person or use the call-in number provided on each meeting agenda to participate in the meetings.

Regional Connection Requests will be handled electronically.

Utility | Regional connection requests, please contact Matt Poeske via email at

For general questions, please call (909) 993-1600 or email

Thank you for your patience. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Governor Signs Assembly Bill 818!

Did you know you shouldn’t flush wipes even if they are labeled “flushable?” Wastewater agencies across the country have been working to spread the word that only human waste and toilet paper should be flushed for years. After years of legislative work, AB 818 has been signed into law by the Governor! In compliance with AB 818, all wet wipes packages are required to include a “Do Not Flush” symbol and warning on each individual package. Flushing wipes can have a negative impact on your household’s sewer systems, infrastructure and our environment. Look for the warning on shelves near you starting July 2022!

FOG and Wipes Fact Sheet

Drought Status and Water Supply Awareness

For updates on California’s drought status and water saving tips, visit our drought page. For information on water-saving programs or rebates to help you save water indoors and outdoors, click here.

  • [4/2/2022] IEUA General Manager Shivaji Deshmukh Addresses the Metropolitan Water District’s Declaration of a Water Shortage Emergency Condition. Read the full Statement here.
  • [5/19/2022] IEUA Board of Directors Take Action to Increase Water Supply Resiliency in the Region. Read the full Press Release here.
  • [8/5/2022] Thinking in Terms of Tomorrow: IEUA and Partners Discuss Innovative Program to Tackle Drought Challenges and Bring Water Resiliency to the Region. Read the full Press Release here.
  • [8/18/2022] IEUA Issues Statement on Newsom Administration Water Initiatives to Build Resiliency. Read the full Statement here.
  • [12/28/2022] Inland Empire Utilities Agency Elevates Water Shortage Contingency Plan Due to Severe and Persistent Drought. Read the full Press Release here.
  • [4/5/2023] Inland Empire Utilities Agency Board declares an end to the Water Shortage Emergency Condition and Emergency Water Conservation Framework. Read the full Press Release here.

Water Discovery Program

Learn about all things water with our free, educational resources! Visit our Learn About Water page to get started.