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As a public agency, the Inland Empire Utilities Agency is committed to the highest standards of quality, fiscal responsibility, efficient business practices, accountability, and dedication to transparency. IEUA is committed to providing the community, stakeholders, and member agencies publicly accessible, valuable information that assists members of the public in understanding IEUA’s services, operations, and finances. The website also serves as an educational resource to learning about who we are and what we do at IEUA.

IEUA is committed to reducing the region’s dependence on imported water supplies and drought-proof the service area through the Agency’s three key services: treating wastewater and developing recycled water, local water resources, and conservation programs.

Click here to view the Agency’s Statute/Enabling Act.

Click here to view the Agency’s description, mission, values, vision and services.

Information that may be found here includes:

Salary Matrix

All employees are paid biweekly. Pay stubs are distributed every other Friday by 10:00 a.m., and compensation is made by the use of direct deposit. Click here for more information.

Click here to view the 2019 General Manager’s Contract.

Click here to view the State Controller’s website regarding government compensation in California.

Click here to view the State Controller’s website regarding IEUA compensation.

Click here to view the Agency’s Reimbursement for Attendance at a Conference, Seminar, or Meeting Policy (A-37)

Click here to view the Agency’s Educational Reimbursement (A-39)

Click here to view the Agency’s Meal Reimbursement for Unscheduled Overtime (A-68)

Click here to view the Agency’s Board of Directors Expense Reimbursement (A-77)

Click here to view the Agency’s Wellness Program Policy (A-78)

Organizational Chart

The organization chart shows the structure of the Inland Empire Utilities Agency and the relationships and ranks of the departments and positions.
Click here to view the IEUA org chart.

Key Staff:

General Manager – Shivaji Deshmukh –

Executive Manager of External Affairs & Policy Development/Assistant General Manager – Kathy Besser –

Executive Manager of Engineering/Assistant General Manager – Christiana Daisy –

Executive Manager of Operations/Assistant General Manager – Randy Lee –

Executive Manager of Finance and Administration/Assistant General Manager – Christina Valencia –

Office Manager/Board Secretary- April Woodruff-


Annual Reports

Annual Reports are a comprehensive report of IEUA’s activities throughout the corresponding fiscal year. Annual reports are intended to give shareholders and other interested people information about the company’s activities and financial performance. Click here for a list of Annual Reports.

Financial Reports

Click here to view a list of Financial Reports.

IEUA Current Budget

IEUA Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Financial Reserve Policy

Chino Basin Regional Sewerage Service Contract

Click here to view the State Controller’s website regarding the IEUA’s Financial Transaction Revenue Report

Click here to view the State Controller’s website regarding IEUA’s Financial Transaction Revenue Report

Request for Public Records

The Inland Empire Utilities Agency is committed to responding to public records requests in accordance with the California Public Records Act. Under the California Public Records Act, the public has the right to access public information maintained by public agencies. The Agency is committed to deliver this service to our community with openness and transparency. Click here for more information on public records.

Click here for IEUA’s SB 272.

File A Report

IEUA is dedicated to properly serving our customers, the public, and provide our employees a safe and productive workplace. The IEUA’s Board of Directors, Audit Committee, and Management team value your input. EthicsPoint has been selected to provide IEUA with an anonymous and confidential method to hear your suggestions, concerns, or report of misconduct. Click here to file a report.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ’s page offers a comprehensive list of the most commonly asked questions and answers pertaining to recycled water, doing business with IEUA and Human Resources. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) webpage.

Board of Directors

Regularly scheduled Board meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. The Board meetings are held at the Agency’s headquarters located at 6075 Kimball Ave, Chino, CA 91708. Here you may find all the past and current agendas and minutes from our various Board and Committee meetings. Click here for more information.

Inland Empire Utilities Agency is governed by a five member Board of Directors who are elected to staggered four year terms by registered voters within their divisions as defined by the division boundary map.

President Kati Parker – Division 1

Vice President Jasmin Hall– Division 4

Secretary/Treasurer Steven J. Elie – Division 3

Director Michael Camacho – Division 5

Director Paul Hofer – Division 2

Please see the most recent Public Official Appointments Form HERE.

View IEUA Administrative Handbook HERE.

In compliance with AB1234, Directors must attend ethics training bi-annually.  Click on the following name(s) to view respective Board of Director’s Ethics Certificate:

President Kati Parker – Ethics Certificate

Vice President Jasmin A. Hall – Ethics Certificate

Secretary/Treasurer Steven J. Elie – Ethics Certificate

Director Michael Camacho – Ethics Certificate

Director Paul Hofer – Ethics Certificate

Click here to visit the San Bernardino County Elections Office of the Registrar of Voters or call 1-800-881-VOTE.

Board Compensation:

The Board of Directors receive $225.00 per day of service, limited to a maximum of 10 days per month, as well as other benefits.  Click here for Board compensation information.

10-Year Capital Improvement Plan

The TYCIP is a document which links the vision of the Agency with a list of physical projects to fulfill that purpose. Projects identified in the TYCIP are necessary to accomplish the Agency’s goals based on physical conditions of assets and forecasted regional projections of water and wastewater needs. Click here to view the report.

Press Kit and News

IEUA’s press kit is a comprehensive document featuring the Agency’s operations, current projects, current reports, fact sheets, press releases, and facilities. Click here to view the IEUA Press Kit.

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