IEUA is committed to providing the community with programs that educate and enable increased water savings. IEUA works closely with MWD and partnering agencies to promote water use efficiency and education programs. These programs focus on increasing efforts in water awareness, landscape management and reducing water use. Water use efficiency, education and conservation are key fundamentals of the Agency’s long-term water resource management strategy.

Education programs offered to K-12 students within IEUA’s service area are significant tools toward investing in our future. These programs include: Water Discovery field trips to the Chino Creek Wetlands and Educational Park; “Water is Life” poster contest; National Theatre for Children; and more. These education programs focus on teaching water use efficiency methods, origination and sustainability of water resources, and water-saving techniques.

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The park consists of 22 acres that are landscaped with a wide variety of climate appropriate trees and plants, and  a state-of-the-art irrigation management system. Key components of the park are the community education elements about the value of conservation and importance of wetlands in the structure of our environment which weave throughout the site. The park serves as a demonstration site for the community on how to improve water supply, storm water treatment, and water efficiency. Additional park features include wetlands and riparian habitat, trails, sampling stations, picnic areas, visitor’s center, parking, bridges, and an amphitheater.

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IEUA seeks to promote water-use efficiency through public education to enhance water supplies within the region and exceed state goals for reduction in per capita water use within the Agency’s service area. Smart water planning starts with water conservation. Every gallon of water saved within the Chino Basin translates into reduced demand for expensive imported water supplies. By being more efficient, our community will increase the reliability of our existing water supplies and reduce the cost of imported water purchases. IEUA’s goal is to save over 25,000 acre-feet of water over the next twenty years through conservation – that’s about 7% of our area’s current water use. In order to help the community reach their water savings goal, IEUA offers a variety of rebates available to both residential and commercial customers.

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IEUA provides scheduled tours of the headquarters, treatment plants and the Chino Creek Wetlands and Educational Park.

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