RP-3 Basin

Regional Water Recycling Plant No.3, located in the city of Fontana, ceased operation approximately 30 years ago. Since June 2009, the location has been used as a recharge basin (RP-3 Basin) where about 2-3 thousand acre-feet of groundwater is recharged there each year. On average, an acre-foot is the amount of water three average size families would use in one year. This accounts for about 10% of the water that IEUA adds to the groundwater annually.

Groundwater Recharge Fact:
IEUA does not directly inject water at any of the 19 recharge basins managed. Instead, water is sent to above-ground basins and gravity causes the water to slowly percolate into the underground aquifer. This allows the soil to act as a natural filtration system, further cleaning the water.

11396 Beech Ave. Fontana, CA 92337