Regional Water Recycling Plant No. 2

16400 El Prado Road
Chino, California 91708

Regional Water Recycling Plant No. 2 (RP-2) is located in the city of Chino has been in operation since 1960. The plant operated both liquids and solids treatment sections, until 2002, when RP-5 was constructed to handle the liquids treatment section portion of RP-2. Solids are removed from Carbon Canyon Water Recycling Facility (CCWRF) and RP-5 and treated at RP-2.

The solids treatment section begins with thickening the solids removed from the RP-5 and CCWRF primary and secondary clarification processes. The thickened solids are pumped to anaerobic digestion and then to the belt presses for dewatering. Wastewater solids are digested to a minimum Class B biosolids standard, as defined by the United States Environmental Protection Agency Code of Federal Regulations. After dewatering, the biosolids are hauled to the Inland Empire Regional Composting Facility in the city of Rancho Cucamonga for further treatment to produce Class A compost.

The plant is within the flood zone upstream of the Prado Dam, on land leased from the US Army Corps of Engineers; the lease will expire in 2035. The maximum operational water level upstream of the dam is anticipated to be raised to increase the available Orange County water storage. Therefore, the lease is not expected to be renewed upon expiration. The Agency plans to relocate the solids treatment to the RP-5 Solids Handling Facility, which is out of the flood zone.

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Wastewater Treatment Process DiagramRegional Water Recycling Plant No. 2 Map