Reasons why we should care about wetlands:
  • Wetlands help to filter our water, ensuring cleaner, safer drinking water for our communities.wetlands image
  • Wetlands act like giant sponges to trap water to reduce floods and ease drought.
  • Wetlands can help to keep our groundwater clean.
  • Wetlands along the shores of our Great Lakes, as well as interior lakes and streams, provide important spawning, feeding and nursery habitat for many species of fish including minnows, perch, bass and pike.
  • Wetlands provide essential habitat (food, water, cover and breeding area) for much of Ontario’s wildlife.
  • Wetlands provide recreational, educational and important scientific opportunities throughout Ontario.
  • If you want to see nature at work, wetlands provide the best opportunity, whether you’re interested in birding, viewing wildlife, reptiles or amphibians, or seeing a fascinating and seemingly endless variety of bug-life.
  • Wetlands help to store carbon, reducing the its impact on our atmosphere.

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