This year, there is probably a lot more weeding going on than normal due to all the rains. Even though the weather is drying up for the summer (minus today), weeds are still going strong because they’ve had the chance to establish themselves.

In our dryer than average climate, pulling weeds can be quite difficult when all the earth has hardened and dried up. So if you are still irrigating once a week or so, save the weeding for the day that you irrigate your plants. Wait about 30 minutes so that the water has time to soak into the ground and then start pulling the weeds. The wet soil should soften up the earth’s grip on the roots and make pulling weeds a lot easier. Now, we want to remember to save water, so don’t water just to pull weeds, wait for your scheduled irrigation day or, make a change to the schedule that suits you better. It’s always best to irrigate very early in the morning or in the evening when it is cooler so that water doesn’t evaporate, and make sure to have it go on when you are home so that you can check for leaks orny other issues that may be occuring.