wallyHello friends!

World Oceans Day is less than one day away and I have so many exciting tips from it to share with you all! The ocean is the largest ecosystem on Earth and contains 97% of the world’s water. Regardless of how far we may live, the ocean is our friend and we are all connected to it in some way. Plastic straws, bottles, and bags fill our ocean because much of the waste we generate is not disposed of properly. Did you know that the accumulation of just one week’s worth of water bottles in the US produces enough bottles to circle the planet five times? That’s a lot of plastic!
ocean wave
The ocean generates over half of the oxygen we breathe and is the planet’s life support system. My friends who live under the water are counting on us to help them make sure they have a safe place to live. Make the change to help save the lives of our oceans and underwater friends. Next time you go to the beach and see plastic lying around, be sure to recycle it! You can also help the ocean by eliminating your usage of straws or making the switch to reusable bottles and bags! By keeping our oceans clean, you are taking a stand to help save the homes of many beloved sea animals such as dolphins, sea turtles,whales, and more!

TurtlesIf we all do our part in becoming guardians of the oceans, we can ensure the waters stay happy and healthy for not only us, but all our underwater friends as well. See you next time!
Your friend,