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It’s Wally , and I’m here to help you all prepare for July’s Smart Irrigation Month! Irrigation is the supply of water for land and plants to help their growth. This is typically done through channels such as, rivers, ditches, pipes, etc. Though there are many benefits of efficient irrigation, smart irrigation is essential because it helps us conserve the scarce amount of water we have available to us.

A smart irrigation trick you can try is watering your lawn for a few minutes at a time while looking out for any run off from your lawn. This method will help to save water and prevents soil from being washed away. Smart controllers are an excellent tool to use as well because they allow control over how much water is being used for plants an

d can assist by creating a watering schedule that fits your city’s requirements as well. Rebates for these devices can be obtained through this link: http://www.socalwatersmart.com/?page_id=2956

If you want to take the extra step to conserving water from your plants, there are many drought tolerant plants that will provide an additional pop of color to your lawn as well. California’s hot and dry climate is perfect for drought tolerant plants that require minimal water. For example, the verbena is one of the most colorful and easy to grow plants that blooms in late spring, tolerates drought conditions, and thrives in the heat.

What do you and your family have planned for Smart Irrigation Month? Message my friends on the IEUA Instagram account to share your own tips and tricks! Have fun conserving and I’ll see you all next time!

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