Hello everyone, Wally here with some important news!
October is here and it doesn’t just mean sweet treats and haunted houses, it’s also National Energy Awareness Month! National Energy Awareness Month is aimed at promoting energy optimization and environmental well-being, something really important to us at IEUA. It’s a great way to understand the role energy plays in the world around us and take into consideration ways we can contribute to water and energy efficiency.
At IEUA, we’re always looking to make sure we are operating as efficiently as we can and generating as much clean energy as we can. Because of this, we’ve installed 3.5 megawatts of solar power at four of our facilities, a 1 megawatt wind turbine, and 4 megawatts of energy storage systems throughout our facilities. All of this would be able to power over 600 homes! WOW!
But there are easy ways you can contribute to water and energy efficiency, too! For example, only running full loads in the clothes washer and using cold water will save energy and 15-45 gallons of water per load. Taking 5-to-10-minute showers instead of baths and turning off the water while we brush our teeth are also really easy ways to contribute.
Celebrating National Energy Awareness Month is essential to ensuring ourselves, others, and future generations understand the concept of energy and its importance on national prosperity. But don’t limit yourself to just October, celebrate energy awareness all year long and know that you have the power to contribute to a more sustainable future!
Talk to you all soon!
Your friend,