Don’t wait until April to start your seedlings. You may miss out on some tasty, late fruiting varieties of warm weather veggies. Get started in early February and expand the possibilities of your garden!
What you’ll need:
a seed tray (plastic or biodegradable)
potting soil
seed packets

Photo of tomato seedlings courtesy of Lucy Crosbie.

Seeds need moisture and a constant temperature between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit to germinate (or sprout). Depending on the plant type, some seeds will germinate in a matter or days, while some will need two to three weeks. Once the seed has germinated, it will send up starter leaves, often these are called “water leaves”.
Seeds can be planted in late January and kept indoors for six weeks until they are ready to be transferred outside.
Not all seeds need to be started in a planter, some actually do better being planted directly in the ground.