I recently took a trip out to the Bay Area and I was reminded of Alice Waters. She is a role model for a lot of folks interested in doing gardens in Schools. She is a chef and an author as well, so if you are from that area and have happened upon our blog. She would be a local hero for the Bay.

Another local hero for the Inland Empire and Greater LA area is Rick Cota. He is the Director of Nutrition Services for Claremont Unified School District. While he is outside our service area, if you want to see some other examples of great gardens being used for great purposes, the central kitchen of the district has a garden and even chickens! Rick had even played around with the idea of getting goats for milk. Rick is a good friend of mine and a very friendly and easy going guy. His gardens were done with the help of Cal Poly Pomona and the Claremont Universities. I’ll be giving you more on those programs later.

Visit their websites, and you’ll see some of the great things they are doing. I’m going to have to bug Rick about updating his website for the new school year.