Inland Empire, CA – The Inland Empire Clean Water Partnership, comprised of Eastern Municipal Water District, Inland Empire Utilities Agency, San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District, and Western Municipal Water District, was created with the goal of promoting key messages to encourage the public to continue to save water as we prepare to enter another dry season. This new campaign is being launched just as the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s Board of Directors voted to declare a Water Supply Alert, calling on all Southern Californians to conserve water and prepare for continued drought.

The good news is southern California residents have been here before and know what to do. To help revitalize water-use efficiency efforts across the region and recognize a job well done by customers to be as water efficient as possible, this new campaign out of the Inland Empire is shaking up California’s traditional idea of drought awareness with three simple words: Keep It Up. Keep up awareness of your water usage and your water provider will keep up its water supply and water quality planning efforts; keep up those practices you know well and have adopted as a way of life.

“We must preserve our water supply and we must show a united front through messaging that will encourage the public to work collectively and be a part of the solution for California’s water needs,” said IEUA Board President Jasmin A. Hall. “Inland Empire Utilities Agency and its partner agencies have been proactively planning and contributing to water storage infrastructure that has increased the supply of recycled water, making it possible to reduce reliance on imported water sources. This is especially critical during continued dry years when water supply allocations are significantly reduced.”

In the past decade, residential water usage in the region has decreased 50% in response to environmental and community advocacy—The Inland Empire region has responded well to consistent reminders and proactive efforts have made great strides in our ability to manage water supplies for our customers.

“We will face these challenges head-on. This is a pivotal time for taking action and continuing to view water-saving efforts as essential,” continued Hall.

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