Los Osos High School in Rancho Cucamonga is definitely a new type of experience for me in terms of administering the garden installation.

Volunteers installing mediterranean herbs.

While normally when we have volunteer workdays, we’ll have a LOT of people attending, either a lot of kids or a lot of adults or both. Los Osos hasn’t had very many volunteers. Interestingly though, they are quite dedicated to getting their garden installed. Even with only about 5 volunteers per workday able to attend, they’ve been moving at just about the same pace as the other schools with 20 – 30 volunteers.

Volunteers building vegetable boxes.

We’ve manage to be able to install about 50 plants, including 5 fruiting trees. We’ve installed all the underground irrigation for the site, and we’ve built six vegetable boxes and filled them with soil.

Not very many parents and teachers have been able to attend, but the few that have have been extremely helpful. Here we have a substitute teacher building vegetable boxes with his son.

Ms. Dolce installing the first plant, a navel orange.

Here is Ms. Dolce planting the very first tree of the garden just before thanksgiving break. This is a Navel Orange, Ms. Dolce subsequently installed all of the fruiting trees in the garden.