Inland Empire, CA – The Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA) and Inland Empire Regional Composting Authority (IERCA) recognized their award-winning, landmark water-energy project at a dedication on September 19. IEUA and IERCA have partnered with Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS) to expand its existing solar and battery storage system. The system uses Tesla battery technology to integrate solar and wind in order to optimize renewable generation, reduce demand on the electric grid and lower energy costs.

The project aims to reduce the demand charges by charging the batteries with on-site renewable generation (solar and wind turbine) and low-cost (off-peak) electricity, then discharging the batteries for on-site power use during high-demand (mid-peak or on-peak) periods. The system is expected to reduce demand by over 2.5 million kilowatt hours each year, which is equivalent to powering 212 homes for a year.

“IEUA, in partnership with IERCA and AMS, has developed ways to incorporate solar and wind along with battery storage into our facilities, while expending little to no capital and reducing demand on the grid,” stated IEUA Board President and IERCA Chairman Paul Hofer. “The IEUA/IERCA Battery and Solar Project is an award-winning example of partnership, leadership and innovation at its best.”

“It is important to recognize the relationship between water and energy, and the energy demand needed to produce recycled water and compost,” stated IERCA Vice Chair Jon Blickenstaff. “This pioneering project consists of innovative technology that aids in meeting renewable energy goals by maximizing the value of resource investments while producing renewable power for the most cost-effective distribution.”

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Inland Empire Regional Composting Authority
The Inland Empire Regional Composting Authority (IERCA) was created as a public entity on February 27, 2002 by a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) between the Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA) and County Sanitation Districts of LA County (LACSD). This agreement empowered both IEUA and LACSD to acquire, construct, operate and maintain a composting facility. IEUA and LACSD have jointly evaluated composting as an economically and environmentally-sound method of beneficially reusing biosolids that are generated from the wastewater treatment facilities operated by each.