INLAND EMPIRE, CA – The Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA) and Chino Basin Water Conservation District (CBWCD) have partnered on a grant under the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s (MWD) Stormwater for Recharge Pilot Program.

MWD’s Stormwater for Recharge Pilot Program was created to fund construction of new direct-use stormwater capture projects and stormwater recharge projects, as well as the installation of monitoring equipment and data reporting following construction completion. MWD will utilize the data regarding costs and the volume of water produced by these projects to determine future funding for stormwater capture efforts.

“As we navigate through California’s drought, it is imperative to pursue opportunities that increase our water supply portfolio and decrease dependence on imported supplies,” stated Steve Elie, IEUA Board President. “This program will not only contribute to drought resiliency throughout the Chino Basin but allows IEUA to continue to be a leader in water supply solutions for the region. We could not be more pleased to enter into this program with the support and partnership of MWD and the Chino Basin Water Conservation District.”

As part of MWD’s grant program, a total of $1 million will be allocated to IEUA and CBWCD for monitoring, construction, and overall costs to implement respective projects throughout the Montclair Basin. A spillway component anticipated to improve potential stormwater capture by 56 acre-feet per year (AFY) will be constructed by CBWCD, and a channel diversion component expected to increase stormwater capture by an additional 96 AFY will be constructed by IEUA. The program is projected to ultimately yield an additional 152 AFY in stormwater capture throughout the Basin. Both projects are expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

“Securing this significant grant advances our agencies’ goals of protecting and preserving the Chino Groundwater Basin,” said Terence King, CBWCD Board President. “As we continue working together in the shadow of ongoing drought, capturing every drop of water is critical and this project does exactly that.”

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