Inland Empire, CA – Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA/Agency) Board President Jasmin A. Hall was asked to serve as a reviewer for a series of online training modules that were developed by the Elected Officials Training Committee (EOT Committee). These modules were designed to educate elected officials and members of governing bodies in the complex and critically important process of public debt financing.

“These training programs were established to provide us with the resources and knowledge we need to effectively serve our constituents and our community,” said Hall. “Some form of capital debt is issued by approximately 60-70 percent of local governments. Having a foundational understanding of public finance and policy concepts is essential for Board members. I am honored to offer my expertise to review the materials and resources that will assist elected officials in making decisions in the public’s best interest.”

The California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission (CDIAC), chaired by State Treasurer Fiona Ma, introduced a series of on-demand videos for elected officials of local governmental entities in California. This launch coincides with “National Economic Education Month,” and includes three hours of training centered around the topic of debt. The courses will be offered through CDIAC’s new Education Portal, a learning management system that creates the means to track the program’s effectiveness in meeting the learning objectives of the target audience.  Four educational modules were released on October 13, and a new course will be added to the Education Portal every three to four months.

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