The Agency boasts a remarkable track record of securing grants and loans, exceeding $950 million in federal and state funding for crucial regional infrastructure projects. This success is largely attributed to the dedicated efforts of our Grants and Government Affairs team. This team not only oversees the Agency’s legislative advocacy and government affairs strategy, but also plays a pivotal role in identifying, analyzing, and securing complex grants, loans, and other funding opportunities that align with Agency priorities.

Their key functions include:

  • Monitoring legislation and regulatory policies.
  • Cultivating relationships with legislative representatives, regulators, and grantors.
  • Negotiating grant terms and agreements.
  • Ensuring grant compliance and reporting.
  • Researching emerging grant trends and funding cycles.

Through their unwavering commitment and expertise, the Grants and Government Affairs team significantly contributes to the Agency’s ability to acquire critical funding for sustainable water infrastructure projects and other regional priorities, ultimately benefitting the wider community.