On Saturday, August 11, 2012 the Chino Creek Wetlands and Educational Park hosted an Eagle Scout project organized by Jonathan Hagman. The goal of the project was to create a small food forest within the Park near the Garden in Every School demonstration garden. This area of the park was originally a grassland area, but unfortunately, due to all the rabbits it has been diffculit to keep the grass alive. Some of the grasses like the native Deer Grass and the Red Pennisetum don’t get eaten by the rabbits, so it was decided to leave those there to grow with the food forest.
A total of 14 volunteers came out to support Jonathan by planting numerous fruit trees and installing drip irrigation at the root zones of each of the plants. Jonathan learned how to install drip irrigation before the project was organized so that he could teach his volunteers how to properly install drip irrigation.

Volunteers planting trees.

Volunteers planting trees.

Jonathan with his father Curt Hagman, (assemblyman for the 60th assembly district).

Volunteers installing drip irrigation.

Volunteers Fixing the last drip emitter.

 Thank you Jonathan for your leadership and choosing IEUA to help with your Eagle Scout project!