For a lot of teachers, finding curriculum resources and texts can be problematic. Fortunately there are a some texts available online for free.

The California School Garden Network has a book that I use often available to download from their site for free. It’s called “Gardens for Learning: Creating and Sustaining Your School Garden.” It’s great if you have an e-reader or a tablet (it’s in color) as you can just keep it on file and use it whenever you need it. It’s in a high enough quality to print also so if you are lucky enough to have the resources to make copies of your favorite pages, you can do so. This book has a lot of curriculum tips for all different kinds of subjects and garden tips to help you keep your garden alive.

The other is from the California Department of Education. It’s called “A Child’s Garden of Standards” and is available to download on their website as well. This book is more of a resource guide that provides tables divided up by grade level and indicates activities that can be found in a variety of instructional materials. It also indicates what standards these activities are under so that teaching standards can be met. There is a short description of the activities so if you can’t afford the instructional materials that it cites, you may be able to figure out what the activity is.