Cooper hawk
Photos from John Mellin an IEUA staff member captured a rare moment last week of a Cooper Hawk Family outside the Agency’s main headquarters just north of the Chino Creek Park.
Nest Description
Males typically build the nest over a period of about two weeks, with just the slightest help from the female. Nests are piles of sticks roughly 27 inches in diameter and 6-17 inches high with a cup-shaped depression in the middle, 8 inches across and 4 inches deep. The cup is lined with bark flakes and, sometimes, green twigs.
Nesting Placement
Cooper’s Hawks build nests in pines, oaks, Douglas-firs, beeches, spruces, and other tree species, often on flat ground rather than hillsides, and in dense woods. Nests are typically 25-50 feet high, often about two-thirds of the way up the tree in a crotch or on a horizontal branch.
Nesting Facts
Clutch Size
– 2–6 eggs
Number of Broods
– 1 broods
Egg Length
– 1.7–2 in
– 4.4–5.1 cm
Egg Widthcooper hawk
– 1.4–1.6 in
– 3.5–4 cm
Incubation Period
– 30–36 days
Nestling Period
– 27–34 days
Egg Description
– Pale blue to bluish white.
Condition at Hatching
– Covered in white down and weighing just 28 grams or 1 ounce, but able to crawl around nest.
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