Over at Redeemer we had a meeting to discuss the fence that they’d like to have around their vegetable bed area. You might remember the post we did about whether to have a fence or not. Here are the two choices of fences we were deciding on. There are benefits to both and downsides to both. The shorter lattice type fence makes a great border that suggests that one should not cross over it. The taller one actually keeps folks out, but isn’t so tall as to make it feel caged in. It is still low enough to be able to get a nice view of the garden. The taller fence is MUCH more expensive and in this case will cost just over a thousand dollars. The shorter border fence would have cost about 100 dollars.

We decided to go with the taller picket fence. The shorter one seemed a bit week when put in the ground and didn’t create a strong enough separation. Redeemer fortunately has plenty of room in their budget due to many of their trees being donated.