Wednesday, September 24th marked the first FREE field trip of the season. IEUA welcomed a Girl Scout Troop out of Riverside County who took part in our featured programs which included, an interactive water cycle activity, a nature walk through our Chino Creek Wetlands Park, and a yummy edible aquifer.

The troop became water molecules for a day and saw
that the water cycle is ever-moving and changing. They learned that bracelets would never be duplicated because water never travels the same path.

The troop took a nature walk through our Chino Creek Wetlands Park where they learned about invasive species, California-Native plants, and the Santa Ana Watershed. The participants also got the opportunity to travel up our water tower and see the park from a birds-eye view. During the nature walk participants get the chance to see all sorts of wildlife, which include different species of ducks, birds, lizards, squirrels, frogs, and many more.


Our last activity featured yummy ingredients while also showing the troop how a water aquifer works. The troop used sprinklers, cookie crumbs, ice cream, and other treats to show the many layers that water has to work through so it can reach us at the top surface.

If you are interested in having your troop or class attend our park please contact Serina Stephens at for more details and scheduling.