Q: Dear Owlie, 
Since researching ways to conserve water, I have started to run out of indoor water-saving ideas.  Decreasing my water consumption has become a nonstop goal, and I need your help to continue saving water.  What are some indoor tips I can use to lower my water use?
Water Wise Researcher

A: Dear Water Wise Researcher

I am glad to hear that you’ve been researching water conservation tips.  There are plenty of tips to use from my weekly column, but I do have some additional indoor tips you  may use.  Indoor tips that can save water include taking showers as soon as other people are done, which reduces time spent waiting for water to get warm, reusing towels at home to reduce the amount of times you need to do laundry and using only one glass or reusable bottle per day for your drinking needs to reduce the amount of dirty dishes.  These tips combined can help you continue saving water.  Learn more tips to save water at ieuadev.wpengine.com.

Good luck in putting these water-saving tips to use,