Q: Dear Owlie, 
I am hosting a rather large party at my home, but I am worried about wasting too much water.  I’ve been using several of your water-saving tips and would not want my hard work to go to waste.  What can I do to be a good host, while still maintaining my low water use goals?
Water Conserving Host

A: Dear Water Conserving Host,

Thank you for working hard to save water.  Parties are not only fun, but can be a great opportunity to use and share water-saving tips with your guests.  Water-saving party tips include serving water only when requested by guests, using compostable plates, cups and utensils and serving food from pots and pans instead of a serving dish, which can help reduce how many dishes need to be washed.  These tips can help you be a great host, while meeting your low water use goals.  To learn more indoor water-saving tips, visit ieuadev.wpengine.com

Good luck with saving water while hosting your party,