Q: Dear Owlie, 
Since my family has been using some of your indoor and outdoor water-saving tips, we have saved a significant amount of water.  Although we have been using these tips, we have noticed a lack of water-saving tips for the kitchen.  What are some water-saving tips that can be used in kitchens?
Water Conscious Homeowner

A: Dear Water Conscious Homeowner

Thank you for using my water-saving tips and continuing to find ways to save water.  There are many water-saving tips you can use for the kitchen.  Some tips to use include watering house plants with water used to rinse fruits and vegetables and scraping food from plates into the trash, instead of a garbage disposal.  These water-saving kitchen tips can help you reach your water-saving goals.  Learn more water-saving tips at ieuadev.wpengine.com.

Good luck with saving water in your kitchen activities,