Q: Dear Owlie,
I heard that America Recycles Day was November 15! I always make sure to recycle cans and reuse bottles whenever I can, but is it true that water can also be recycled? If so, how does that work? Thanks so much Owlie!

Water Wise

A: Dear Water Wise,

It’s great to hear from an avid recycler like yourself! It is indeed true – water can be recycled! In fact, recycling water is just as important to the environment as recycling bottles and cans! Here’s how it works:

purple pipes

First, water falls from the sky during a process called precipitation, which is just a fancy way of saying rain. From there, water reaches the ground where it can be pumped via an aquifer. Once it’s pumped, the water flows through the pipes and into our homes where we can access it to brush our teeth, shower, wash dishes, and more! All the water that goes down our drain is then sent to a treatment plant where it’s cleaned and restored. However, this water is not safe to drink. Instead, it’s redistributed into purple pipes to water landscapes such as fields and parks!

Although it is a long process, communities all around the world (Including yours!) rely on recycled water for many different purposes.

Thanks for the great question!

Talk to you all soo(HOO)n!