Q: Dear Owlie,

How are you? Where have you been?! It’s June now, and I was wondering if you knew that it is Great Outdoors month? I was hoping you could share a summer climate wetlands fact with me?

Curious Outdoor Adventurer

A: Dear Curious Outdoor Adventurer,

I am doing great! After my hibernation during the winter months, I took a semester long trip with my Owl School to different wetlands around California.Yes, I do know that it is Great Outdoors month, and I am so excited to share my newfound knowledge with you! One interesting fact I learned about wetlands is that duckweed grows at the bottom of the pond during the colder months and rises to the top during warmer months. Duckweed is the result of the abundance of nutrients flowing throughout the pond, and provides food for our ducks. Pretty cool right?! More facts to come! Thanks again for your question!

Stay tuned!