Q: Dear Owlie,
I’m so excited that school is out for summer! My family and I are going on our annual summer vacation to Huntington Beach, next week. I want to show them that I am a wetlands expert. Can you tell me about coastal wetlands and their function? I also know how important it is to keep our environment clean, so that it can perform it’s functions properly. Would you mind sharing some of the ways we can do our part to protect these wetlands? Thank you so much for your help! 
Beach Bound Preserver 
A: Dear Beach Bound Preserver
Your beach trip sounds so exciting! I love coastal wetlands! Coastal wetlands are found in coastal watersheds and include saltwater (tidal wetlands) and freshwater (non-tidal wetlands). Coastal wetlands function’s include flood protection, erosion prevention, food and a habitat for wildlife, and filters chemicals and sediments before reaching the ocean. For these wetlands to thrive, they depend on the health and maintenance of the watersheds that they come from. Since wetlands are one of the world’s most valuable ecosystems, and have so many important functions that help our environment, it is vital that we do everything in our power to protect them. When you are there enjoying the beauty of the coastal wetlands, practice these environmental saving tips; pick up any trash that you see, try to use paper and recycled products made from unbleached paper, and try not to use heavy equipment that would harm the camping ground area you are at. I hope that this helps you enjoy your vacation with peace of mind knowing that you are helping to preserve your environment! 
Til next time!