Q: Dear Owlie, 
I have noticed what appears to be hard water stains on my driveway and sidewalk.  With the recent requirement to eliminate water runoff from homes, I am concerned that this may be caused by runoff from my sprinklers, but I’m not sure since I water my lawn in the early morning hours.  What can I do to stop this runoff and ensure the water is being used for my landscape?  
Runoff Worrier

A: Dear Runoff Worrier

Thank you for being aware of your runoff problem and wanting to fix it.  When your sprinklers run, walk on the edge of your property to see if there is indeed runoff.  Once you have confirmed the runoff problem, you can change your watering schedule to eliminate it.  One of the best solutions to combat runoff is splitting your 15 minute watering sessions into two, 5-8 minute spurts of watering sessions 30-45 minutes apart.  This allows the water to infiltrate into the soil, thereby eliminating the runoff.  To learn more outdoor watering tips, visit ieuadev.wpengine.com.

Best of luck in fixing your runoff problem and saving your water for your landscape,