Q: Dear Owlie, 
Although I have not washed my car in some time, I would like to have it washed soon.  With the current water restrictions, I am not sure if I can wash it myself.  Do you know if I can wash my car myself and what I may need to make sure I don’t use too much water?  
Water-Saving Car Owner 

A: Dear Water-Saving Car Owner

Thank you for reaching out and asking for help with your car washing situation.  Due to the drought, car owners are asked to cut back their car washes, but if your car must be washed, there are two tips to help save water.  To save the most amount of water, either have your car washed at a car wash that uses recycled water, or wash it with a bucket, sponge and hose with a shut-off nozzle, which is now required for home garden hoses.  This can save you 8-18 gallons per minute. For more water-saving tips, visit ieuadev.wpengine.com

Best of luck to you and your water-saving car washes,