Q: Dear Owlie, 
 I recently moved into a new home, but the house itself is rather old.  The toilets have not been replaced in some time and are terrible water wasters.  What type of toilets should I buy to save me the most water?  
Water Wasting Remover

A: Dear Water Wasting Remover

Thank you for actively looking for a replacement of your water-wasting toilet.  The latest and greatest water-saving models of toilets are the Dual-Flush, “High-Efficiency Toilets.”  These toilets have two flush options, a half flush for liquid waste and a full flush for solid waste, which can use as little as .8 – 1.28 gallons per flush.  This “High-Efficiency Toilet” can save you up to 19 gallons per person/day, and if replacing a traditional toilet with this model, you can save approximately 23,000 gallons a year.  Visit ieuadev.wpengine.com to learn more water-saving tips. 

Good luck with your replacement of your water-wasting toilet,