Q: Dear Owlie, 
I’m a passionate water saver and pet lover.  I’ve used several of your water-saving tips for indoors and outdoors, but I have not seen any tips related to pet owners.  Are there any water-saving tips I can use that allow me to own pets and still save water?  
Water-Saving Pet Owner 

A: Dear Water-Saving Pet Owner

I am happy to hear that you are looking for ways to save water, while being a pet owner.  Pets need water just like us, but owning a pet does not mean you cannot continue to save water.  There are many water-saving pet tips you can use, including washing your pet on your lawn with eco-friendly shampoo, using your pet’s old drinking water to water plants, watering your house plants with old water from your freshwater aquarium, and using water left in drinking glasses or water bottles to fill up your pet’s water bowl.  These are easy tips you can use to enjoy your pets and still save water.  For more water-saving tips, visit ieuadev.wpengine.com

Best of luck to you in your water-saving quest,