Operating and Capital Program Budget Documents

Current Rates and Charges

FY 2017/18 and FY 2018/19 Adopted Budget

FY 17/18 and FY 18/19 Budget in Brief

Adopted Biennial Budget (Full Document)

Prior Year Budgets

FY 16/17 Amended Budget Board Report and Presentation (Action Item Presented on 6/15/16)

FY 15/16 and FY 16/17 Budget in Brief

FY 15/16 and FY 16/17 Adopted Biennial Budget (Full Document)

FY 14/15 Budget in Brief

FY 14/15 Budget (Full Document)

FY 13/14 Budget in Brief

FY 13/14 Budget (Full Document)

FY 12/13 Budget in Brief

FY 12/13 Budget (Full Document)

To view IEUA’s Ten Year Capital Improvement Plan (TYCIP) Click Here

To view IEUA’s current rates Click Here

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