2016 Annual Report


IEUA 2016 Annual Report – View Full Report (PDF)

At a time when the State faces uncertain water supply conditions, renewable resource management is imperative. The Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA/Agency) exemplifies the utility mission of maintaining quality resources while mutually promoting environmental awareness.

IEUA is a leading agency in southern California for water-use efficiency, renewable energy, resource management, and public awareness, while making SUSTAINABILITY a top priority. Transforming from solely a supplemental water provider to also providing wastewater treatment, developing renewable energy and providing compost, IEUA has expanded its reach to be a fundamental asset in environmental STEWARDSHIP for the region.

The Agency continues to serve a resource LEADERSHIP role and recognizes the region’s needs while also taking population growth into account. IEUA’s service area, which currently serves 875,000 people, is expected to reach 1.3 million people by 2030. As current growth trends move upward, IEUA’s Board of Directors have recognized the need to develop new local water supplies to offset the need for additional imported water, to reduce potential drought impacts and to lower its net energy use. To successfully manage the growth over time, the Agency has maintained a 66-year history of innovation and efficiency. As we work to build a sustainable future, we continue to search for and implement innovative solutions.

A key development has been the Agency’s stride toward energy OPTIMIZATION. Our Board of Directors remain committed to sustaining and improving our performances and services into the future. To do this, they have made the decision to invest in renewable generation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, ensure energy cost savings and remove our facilities from the electric grid for peak power needs by 2020.

IEUA makes it a priority to lead by example and provide renewable resource initiatives that deliver cost savings and resource reliability collectively. We look forward to the future and will continue to demonstrate fiscal responsibility while implementing a strategic resource plan to maintain a reliable water and resource supply through pioneering stewardship initiatives for the region.

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