Program Description
Water recycling is a critical component of the water resources management strategy for the Chino Basin. The State of California has determined that the reuse of highly treated recycled water is the only new major source of water available to meet the Southern California’s growing water demand. Recycled water is a proven technology and implementing its use will provide a more dependable local supply of water, as well as, reduce the likelihood of water rationing during droughts. In addition, use of recycled water for groundwater recharge has been made an integral part of the Chino Basin Watermaster ”Peace Agreement” implementing the Chino Basin Optimum Basin Management Program and Inland Empire Utilities Agency’s Urban Water Management Plan. The construction of recycled water projects across the Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA) service area is vital to the protection and enhancement of the safe yield and water quality of the Chino Groundwater Basin.

The 3 year Business Plan
The Recycled Water Three Year Business Plan (Plan), adopted by the IEUA Board of Directors on December 20, 2007.
This Plan is an action oriented document to guide the expansion of the IEUA recycled water system. The Plan will focus on the most cost effective and rapid ways to increase the amount of recycled water available and used within IEUA’s service area. The Plan is intended to focus on the 2007-2010 fiscal years and will be revised and updated on an annual basis. Metrics and an annual usage goal will be identified every year. Monthly progress reports will track these metrics and assess the progress toward the annual usage goal.


Public Sector Recycled Water Rebates

  • City of Chino

  • City of Chino Hills

  • City of Fontana

  • City of Montclair

  • City of Ontario

  • City of Rancho Cucamonga

  • City of Upland

  • Chino Basin Watermaster

  • Cucamonga Valley Water District

  • Monte Vista Water District

  • Inland Empire Utilities Agency

  • San Antonio Water Company

  • Chino Basin Water Conservation District

Rebates are available for public sectors users through Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) and Chino Basin Water Conservation District (CBWCD).  To assist with the cost of converting irrigation systems to allow the use of Recycled Water.

  • MWD Public Sector irrigation retrofit rebate is provided by MWD for qualifying public sites.

  • CBWCD also provides incentives for Public Sector Schools and Parks within its service area to help offset the costs of onsite irrigation system conversion as a result of connecting to the recycled water system.  Please contact General Manager Eunice Ulloa at for more information


Funding Sources

Proposed Regional Recycled Water Expansion Program Funding Sources

  • USBR P.L. 102-575 (Title 16) Project Funding Assistance (proposed)

  • Department of Water Resources Project Funding Assistance (Prop. 13) (committed)

  • California State Water Resources Control Board Project Funding Assistance (Prop. 50) (committed)

  • MWDSC Local Resources Program Funding Assistance ($154 per AF, 13,500 AFY maximum) (committed)

  • Regional Capital Fund (committed)